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"Come to think of it this the best moving company I had so far. Keep up the good work."

-- Owen, 30   Markham

"They are easy to work with, punctual, friendly, hardworking and very cautious"

-- Siera, 23, Markham

"I don’t like moving. It is tiring and time consuming. The last time I ended up with a strained back. Although there are moving companies in the area I was hesitant to hire one because I heard they are expensive. Well, not until I found this company. They have friendly customer service crew that answered all my questioned well and accommodated all my need, their moving men are really groomed, polite and skilled. My move was made easy and worry-free. I just told them what I want and they did the entire job. I was worried that I might exceed my moving budget but well I actually save more money after the move. Thanks so much to these guys."

-- Psyche, 32, Markham

"I am very happy with the move I had last week. The team from Metropolitan Movers helped me a lot! The guys are on –time and were very courteous. They were also able to finish the move in a very short time. I was surprised on how strong they are and yet none of my things got damaged. You’re service is definitely one of a kind."

-- Lea, 39, Markham

"I'm delight of the result of the move your company made for me. It was fast and well organized. I just want to say thank you . Your movers were very professional and approachable; they were enthusiastic about the move and mingled with me. The price quote that was given to me by the lady who booked me was accurate which made me prepared for the payments. The movers did impress me as well as your moving company. Thank you very much and God bless to your company!"

-- James Rox, Markham

"I had a very great experience with Metropolitan movers. The two movers were smart and they even gave us some packing tips. Our stuff arrived right on time and I definitely felt safe with them handling our things. This is the first stress-free move i had. Great work!"

-- Luna Lightbody, Markham

"This service is purely amazing! My cousin is moving and I will make sure they use your service! Very clean and everything is perfect! I love this!"

-- Joe Mesmar, Markham